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Job Listing

Is it easy to navigate the website?

Absolutely ! We have you covered. View these brief and concise videos on how to best use ODoF Careers.

How do I create a candidate social profile & apply for a job?

It is absolutely vital to fully complete your employee profile 100% with your professional picture, education, work experience, etc and upload your resume.

This will allow potential companies to reach to your directly and screen you more diligently during the interview process. Here is a quick 6-minutes on how to create your profile and apply for a job! 

How do I post a job?

We’re glad you asked! Posting an optometry job listing has never been easier.  Remember to fully complete your company profile as beautiful and enticing as possible to attract the best candidates! 

Follow our quick and informative 10-minutes “how-to” video here to learn how to create your perfect practice profile, post a job and manage your applicant dashboard. 

3 Easy Steps To Get The Most Exposure

✅ (1) Create your job listing

✅ (2) Once published, share your job listing directly on the ODsonFinance Facebook Group with some images, description, location, salary + link. 

✅ (3) Engage directly with potential candidates on the thread for max exposure 

Why should I use ODsonFinance Careers?

Matchmaking between awesome optometry offices and terrific career candidates should not be difficult. 

The truth is, there are a number of optometry job boards, but they’re all very similar. Furthemore, no other optometry career site has the reach, impact, engagement, and trust that the ODs on Finance team has developed over the past few years. 

Our job listing rates are less than what a low-paying vision plan reimburses, indicating that profit is not our main goal. Rather, our primary focus is to help our colleagues and industry by utilizing our platform to help connect the best practices with the most talented optometrists.

As optometrists, we help people see better. With ODsonFinance Careers, we help you hire better.

Will my job posting get enough exposure?

One of the strengths of ODoF Careers is that the site is bolstered by ODs on Finance, a high-impact social media platform with tremendous reach and even better community engagement.

The ODs on Finance community has almost 25,00+ eye care members across all platforms 

The ODs on Finance established website is approaching 30,000 views per month.

So will job postings get enough exposure? Absolutely!

What if I don’t receive any applicants?

Job hiring and hunting can be a challenging process. Our goal is to make these endeavors more simple and convenient. While we cannot promise that each and every job posting will garner hundreds of applicants, we are confident that job listing exposure will be there.

You can consider updating a job listing to include an “Urgent” or “Featured” setting to attract more attention.

In addition, the team at OD Careers has developed a job placement service to better act as a “matchmaker” between hiring and career-seeking parties. We have developed strategies to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of optometry recruiting.

However, we don’t view this process as recruiting, we see it as CONNECTING.  Send us an email at

Why are your rates so low?

We make a concerted effort to listen to our community members, and after countless requests for hiring and job placement services, we’ve decided to create the premiere platform for career opportunities in the eye care industry. In essence, you asked, we answered.

We are proud that our rates beat every competitor in the market. At ODoF Careers, we believe that landing the perfect career and hiring the best candidate should be affordable.

Should I use the Basic or Premium job listing?

If you are confident that your wondrous career opportunity is guaranteed to attract attention, the Basic listing may be right for you. However, if you want your opportunity to reach a greater number of candidates and you would feel better about having more OD Careers account support, a Premium job listing makes the most sense.

Can I post more than one job?

Of course! Better yet, with OD Careers you can post job openings not just for optometrists, but for optometric staff as well. The more, the merrier!

You can get up to 55% discount for multi-job listing package. 

Practice Listing

How do I list my practice for sale?

We are really proud of our flat-fee & low pricing and want to get rid of the 6-8% excessive brokerage fees.  Purchase and renewed monthly as needed. Cancel anytime. 

$299.99 / month | Want your practice listing to get more exposure and shown at the top of the list? Make it a featured listing for a one-time additional fee of $199

How do I inquire or buy a practice?

Look around our practice listing marketplace for your specific location & grab the LISTING ID #. Then submit a buyer information inquiry and sign your NDA directly online!

From there, you have the option to negotiate the sale on your own or hire a flat-fee practice consultants like our vetted partners. 


What if I have questions or run into any issues?

For any questions or customer support, please reach out to and one of our team members will contact you within 24-48 hours.